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Passions & Hobbies
✨I am an art inclined type of human so acting✨, music✨, dancing✨ and writing✨ have always been on the top of my list. A good song gives me shivers down my spine✨, acting teleports me to another universe, dancing gets me through life and in writing is where my soul is resting.✨
About Me
I am a very passionate creature.✨ A dreamer and a free spirit always searching for the inner self. ✨You will rarely see me without a smile on my face and if you do, just check my tip menu as it's always available *wink wink*✨
Room Rules
❌Respect everyone in the room. I love to live in harmony and if you disrupt this, then it's a "bye-bye" from me. ❌I am a very open-minded person but when I say "No" it really means "No" so don't be pushy. ❌English is required so we can all understand each other. ❌I have no tolerance for free demands. So if you do this you'll either be mocked around or muted. ❌My name is Clara. Not "bb", "bby", "babe" or other aberrations. ❌Keep the dirty talk ONLY in the Tip Notes.
Buy my Snapchat, let's get to know each other better.
Check my wish list and introduce me to the world of vibezzzz *wink wink*
My time online will be split between: 1. Being home, doing all the crazy and naughty things we wanna do together.❣️ 2. Going outside shopping, eating, having fun, sharing with you my day to day life.❣️ ✨I always have my lush inside when I am out, so you let's vibe our way through the day; make me crazy, but please don't ask for shows while I am in public. ✨The sexy time we keep it for when we are home.

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