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목표: 14 토큰 take off your top 😈😈😈

Hi Boys! We'd really like to have a good time with you, we think we'll have something to do

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Golden Heart

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Golden Diamond

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our wishes
your wishes will come true if you become our Santa ^^
We like to put on a hot show for you, sweetheart.
You can consider us your gin, we will fulfill any your wishes
our rules
Please don't spam. Do not use insults (during sex you can). We do not recommend asking for something for free if we are not familiar, not privat or did not agree on it
My wishlist ^^
If you want something specific, but we don't have it at the moment, then you can buy me a couple of items from here
what we love here
We love kissing very much, showing our love, you can dominate us, we love it, use us;)

팁 메뉴

French kiss69
Ultra high vibration5
Super Ultra high vibration12
Slapp ass (choice)22
Fireworks pattern123
Suck slopy fingers35
Eye contact44
Massage boobs56
Stockings off/on64
Show feet66
Wear heels67
Flash tits70
Cameltoe close up76
💦Pulse Lush pattern💦55
Change outfit99
Suck nipples (choice)100
Song Request104
Very Funny Tickle Show(in pvt)101
Sexting in pm (in simple pvt)111
Ride on our pillow119
Shake doggy133
Deepthroat (fingers)134
topless (10 min)135
Show ass full screen152
💦Wave Lush Pattern💦155
Drooling show166
Twerk dance221
Fireworks Lush pattern222
✨EARTHQUAKE 120 sec!✨333
Make a custom action345
Lovence control 10 minutes350
Play with pussy366
Masturbate untill cum450
!SPANKS ASS x50!500
Fingering wet pussy555
Make a custom video567
Be our BF (choose Tg)777
Lovense control 30 minutes1001
Make us happy4444
Make us dream come true20000