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Come to do what you have on mind my love #asian #teen #cute

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About me :)
Greetings, I'm Yuriko, recently turned 18 (still virgin), don't think that I'm a slacker, I'm going to enter an engineering university next year, I decided to become a model until I start studying…. Briefly about myself: I am a native of Japan, half Filipina and have french roots, I am here looking for new acquaintances, I want to achieve my small goals with your support. I like to play, and not only PC games….I am interested in different kinds of sports. Also, I really like to eat, so I apologize in advance if I eat while I'm online, haha. Please be more polite with me, I'm still young and new here. Well, this was a brief information about me, I am almost always in touch if you want to know more :)
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PM (プライベートメッセージ)5
Blow Kiss(投げキス)15
smile ^^(笑顔)17
Kiss cam(キスカム)20
Show nails (爪)21
Stand up(立ち上がる)30
Dancing (ダンス)65
Take T-shirt off(シャツを脱ぐ)99
Show Panties(パンティー)111
Flash Cherries(胸)120
Flash ass (お尻)130
Say "I Love You"333
Change outfit 350
Show your love(愛)777
Get Naked(裸になる)999
Support me (サポート)7777
Make a day off for me(休みの日)8888
Dream TIP(夢のヒント)22222